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440 stainless steel blade
Anodize Construction
20 Gauge Polished Steel
440 Stainless Steel blade
Realistic and Authentic Look

The Sizzling Archers Forged Iron Cage Fire Arrowhead

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Item Number: NN2-IN1206

The Sizzling Archers Forged Iron Cage Fire Arrowhead is a hand forged replica of the incendiary arrows used in the medieval times.  These hand forged fire basket arrow heads fit beautifully on longbow arrows.  This is an aerodynamically sound, correctly proportioned fire cage arrowhead.  This type of arrowhead acts as a cage for holding flammable materials. These materials were commonly cloth, wood shavings and/or dried grass, usually soaked in oil. Once ignited, the arrow was used to set ablaze various targets from a distance, such as wooden structures, tent encampments, straw roofs, forests, etc.. It was an arrowhead used for sneak attacks and sieges rather than for formal battles. This is the granddaddy of the small incendiary bombs of World War Two. The advantage to using fire cage (or fire basket) arrowheads as opposed to simply wrapping a normal arrowhead in flammable material is that the arrowhead can hold more, is more aerodynamic, and can be retrieved, as they will not penetrate into anything more than a couple of centimeters.  Good shooting and don’t burn your fingers, bow or anything else that you don’t intend to!  Even if archery is not your thing, this is still a great addition for any weapon collection, and makes a first class conversation piece!

Overall Length: 4.25 Inches      Width:  1.25 Inches (at widest point)      Material: Forged Iron      Design: Twisted Handle

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