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440 stainless steel blade
Anodize Construction
20 Gauge Polished Steel
440 Stainless Steel blade
Realistic and Authentic Look

Pandora Tribal Dagger Hand Forged Blade Na-Vi

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Item Number: 9H2-HK1460

This is a Tribal Dagger with a Drop Point, Hand Forged Carbon Steel Blade. It has a traditional aged look like it has been passed down through generations of hunters. It almost looks like it has seen hundreds of years of use in a forest from another world.

The blade has a blood groove and uniquely curves backwards. It is a Damascus styled blade. The handle is elegantly designed with light and dark brown cross stitch built into it. The dagger has a looped pommel, making it look like it was built to be used in the real world. This is a durable and long lasting knife.

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