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440 stainless steel blade
Anodize Construction
20 Gauge Polished Steel
440 Stainless Steel blade
Realistic and Authentic Look

Damascus Dirt Road Pursuit Butterfly Knife

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Item Number: 11A10-8BC5-50BKSW-D1

Some pros of owning a balisong are that it is easy to maintain, there are no springs to worry about, and there are only a few moving parts. As the blade is encased in the handle when not in use, you don’t need a special sheath to carry it; deployment of the blade in this sense is made easier; there’s no need to remove it from a sheath. Then there is with practice, deploying the blade can be done quickly with one hand. As popularity grows these knives are a must have item. This blade is made from Damascus steel that has 176 blade layers and is tempered around 54 to 55.  The pattern on the blade is a twist pattern that features swirls and of course twists. The frames are made from stainless steel. All mounts are made from ABS with a black finish and to lock your knife, it comes with a safety latch. Overall Length: 8.75 Inches

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