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440 stainless steel blade
Anodize Construction
20 Gauge Polished Steel
440 Stainless Steel blade
Realistic and Authentic Look

Training Equipment

The incarnation of cosplayers is so imaginative due to the fantastic features of their wonderful gears, costumes and shows.

You would enjoy here diverse styles of cosplay swords, fantastic costumes of swordsmen and all other accessories for the veteran cosplayers. The cosplayers will hit hardly without losing the target point as cosplay swords show the excellent performance. Cosplay swords are designed for the warriors and expert swordsman, or novice fans, both may use it easily. The swords are considered one of the chief gears of martial arts especially Japanese and western martial artists use swords of different categories. Cosplay swords are very important katanas, known as stage swords or swords of re-enactmenet of medieval plays, acted by the cosplayers who are well-equipped and well dressed in armored costumes. Its handles are made of metallic stuff to give a challenging display for the fans of stylish swords. If you are cosplayer, you would be like the royal soldier, playing role with full majesty and dignity to combat with your antagonists. When the cosplayer come on scene in their majestic costumes to act their role, it would enthrall the audience how it would be magnificent scene. So there should be absolutely a fine quality of the costumes of cosplayers make their personality more unique one.

The world of cosplayer is considered a utopian world where every thing has great fantasy for the viewers, including grandeur of costumes, thrilling and agile action of the players, elegant display and performance of cosplay swords. When the cosplayers come in battle field to show their exceptional combating skills, their adversaries have to relinquish it against the potent assault of the cosplayers. So you would be mesmerized by the excellence, brilliance and elegance of cosplay swords which are sustainable for your ultimate sense of suspense and curiosity while ongoing show of cosplayers. It would create a great fun and charm for you when you are busy to watch the show of brilliant martial artists, displaying their energetic actions with the help of cosplay swords.

The main features of cosplay swords are consisted of a wooden black shaded blade with the solidarity finishes of liquid, plastic picket, and wooden bokken. All these fabulous features of cosplay swords are available in the most affordable prices. You may estimate the popularity of cosplay swords from this figure that in recent Anime Expo, the approximate number of cosplayers is 16,000 to attend this fantastic exposure of cosplay products. This high number of its fans may highlight the value and popularity of the cosplay swords among the fans. There is a great series of play games, savings of infinite idealistic products of cosplay which are displayed in Anim Expo. You may also find numerous masquerades of cosplay which is another incarnation of excellent craftsmanship of the cosplay coordinators and manufacturers. You would automatically pay compliment to our splendid products, cosplay gears, costumes and guards for the cosplayers. So enjoy here all splendor of cosplay productions which you are facilitated with the instant shipping of the products as we offer the exclusive tools of affordable online shopping on our this site.

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Hardwood Practice Katana Sword
Your Price $6.49
Calvary Saber Wooden Practice Sword
Your Price $6.49
Aikido Japanese Training Bokken
Your Price $5.99
Wooden Practice Tai Chi Sword
Your Price $6.49
Hardwood Bokken Kendo Practice
Your Price $6.49
Fantasy Fly by Night Dark Bat Thrower Set
Your Price $7.99
Carry Case Combo with Sparring Bokken
Your Price $9.49
Sparring Bokken with Carry Case Combo
Your Price $8.99
Hardwood Bokken Kendo Practice Sword
Your Price $6.49
Knights Medieval Wooden Practice Sword
Your Price $6.99
Medieval Foam Spiked Skull Mace LARP
Your Price $8.99
Way of the Dragon Nunchaku Pitch Black
Your Price $6.99
Octagon Nunchucks Kung Fu
Your Price $6.99
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