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440 stainless steel blade
Anodize Construction
20 Gauge Polished Steel
440 Stainless Steel blade
Realistic and Authentic Look

Survival Knives

The Survival knives are basically the kind of knives that are used for survival purposes when you are in the wilderness, and also in an emergency situation when the user does not have his/her other main equipment for survival. The military units also issue some kind of these survival knives to the pilots in case if they might be shot down. Whats more the survival knives are also used for trapping and skinning. Wood cutting is also one of its other uses.
These survival knives are used by numerous hunters and hikers, and also outdoor sport enthusiasts. Some of these knives come with a heavy-bladed that is also thick; whereas the others are relatively lightweight and can also be folded in order to save both space and weight in the survival kit. They sometimes also serve as hunting knives. There are some other kinds of survival knives that come with a blade that has a flat spine or a back.

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Mako Clip Point Diving Knife
Your Price $9.99
Marine Raider Survival Knife
Your Price $6.49
Hammerhead Blunt Tip Diving Knife
Your Price $9.49
Sawtail Drop Point Diving Knife
Your Price $8.49
Outdoor Naturalist Camping Survival Knife
Your Price $11.99
Book of Eli Movie Stainless Steel Machete
Your Price $10.99
Survivors Bowie Sawback Knife 17
Your Price $8.99
U.S. 1918 Brass Knuckle Bolo Trench Knife
Your Price $13.99
Yellowtail Drop Point Diving Knife
Your Price $7.99
Fixed Blade Red Snapper Fishing Knife
Your Price $2.99
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