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440 stainless steel blade
Anodize Construction
20 Gauge Polished Steel
440 Stainless Steel blade
Realistic and Authentic Look

Miscellaneous Gaming

In this category you will find all the other game swords. These items are: Bleach Iching "Cutting Moon" Zangetsu Tang Sword, Trunk Dragon Ball Z Sword, Legend of Zelda Sword, Ninja Gaiden Sword and many other types of swords
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Giant Metal Fantasy Key To The City Sword
Your Price $26.99
Elucidator Anime Sword Replica
Your Price $34.99
Hunters Wild Silver Wolf Battle Sword
Your Price $69.99
Rivian Warrior Silver White Wolf Sword
Your Price $69.99
God Of War Twin Blade Short Dagger
Your Price $49.99
Special Operations Foam Titan Attack Sword
Your Price $14.99
Titanium Double Scythe Power Sword
Your Price $23.99
Wolverine X Men Claw Silver From
Wolverine X Men Claw Silver
Your Price $16.49
Stealth Action Ninja Sword
Your Price $16.99
Akame Murasame Teigu Katana
Your Price $21.99
Bloodrayne Agent Vampire Armblade Sword
Your Price $9.99
Foam Forked LARP Cosplay Sword
Your Price $16.99
Demon Assassin Night Elf War Fantasy Sword
Your Price $83.99
Twin Blade Demon Hunter Wooden War Sword
Your Price $6.99
Covenant Titanium Color Halo Energy Sword From
Forked Titanium Color Metal Sword
Your Price $25.99
Jack-O-Lantern Game Sword
List Price $60.99
Your Price $16.49
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