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440 stainless steel blade
Anodize Construction
20 Gauge Polished Steel
440 Stainless Steel blade
Realistic and Authentic Look

Medieval Daggers

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King Solomon Medieval Crusader Dagger Blue
Your Price $11.49
King Solomon Medieval Crusader Dagger Red
Your Price $11.49
Ceremonial Sweeping Celtic Knot Dagger
Your Price $13.99
Demon Fang Dagger Split Blade
Your Price $8.79
Scottish Twisted Steel Dagger Knife
Your Price $9.99
Eternal Gaelic Knot Sgain Dubhs Dagger
Your Price $10.99
Ames M1849 Rifleman’s Dagger Replica
Your Price $34.99
Koftgari Damascus Lost Art Handmade Dagger
Your Price $59.99
Assassin Creed Sword Breaker Dagger
Your Price $7.99
Renaissance Medieval Scissors Gold Dagger
Your Price $11.49
Tudor House Medieval Bullock Dagger
Your Price $29.99
Warrior Status Medieval Dagger Frog
Your Price $5.49
Knights of Templar Crusader Short Sword
Your Price $16.49
The Barbarian Dagger Short Sword
Your Price $49.99
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