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440 stainless steel blade
Anodize Construction
20 Gauge Polished Steel
440 Stainless Steel blade
Realistic and Authentic Look

Kill Bill Demon Bokken and Sheath Set

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Item Number: 1H1-1802BE-11J1-BELT-1

This bokken is all wood from top to bottom. It sports a black nylon cord wrap handle followed by the black plastic guard and securing ring. The blade is engraved on one side with the Flower and the Demon Head. The sheath is made very durable from a tough nylon construction with a hard inner lining which helps the sword stay in place with its scabbard. Stitched onto the nylon case are two separate adjustable should strap which goes onto your back. Either you hold it on your shoulder or strap it onto your back. Sheath your bokken and make your way to practice for that much need training.

Overall 38 inches
Material: Hardwood
Case Overall Length: 33 Inches
Case Material: Nylon

Black Finish
ABS Guard
Securing Ring

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