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440 stainless steel blade
Anodize Construction
20 Gauge Polished Steel
440 Stainless Steel blade
Realistic and Authentic Look

Highlander Black Open Mouth Dragon 1045 Carbon Steel Katana Sword

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Item Number: SK003BK

Accurate replica of the 2nd Generation Connor Macleod Open Mouth Dragon Katana with razor sharp 1045 carbon steel blade. A bamboo pin secures the tang into the handle and is covered with red gems, the resin handle is detailed with etchings and includes a closed mouth dragon Kashira (butt cap). The metal Tsuba (round guard at the end of the grip) features an ornate design while the Saya (scabbard) has been constructed from wood with a black high gloss finish. A black and gold Sageo (cord) is tied around the wooden Kurigata (a small handle built into the scabbard), enabling the sword to be easily tied to a belt or shoulder strap. The Koi-Guchi has been hardened and the blade of the sword is handmade from 1045 Carbon Steel with an aesthetic Hamon (temper line) added down the edge of the blade and a Bo-Hi (fuller) added to the top of the blade with the inscription of HIGHLANDER. Overall Length: 42.25 Inch Blade Length: 27.5 inch Blade Materials: 1045 Carbon Steel Handle Length: 12.5 inch Accessories: Sword Bag

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