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440 stainless steel blade
Anodize Construction
20 Gauge Polished Steel
440 Stainless Steel blade
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Handmade Swords

A handmade sword is a weapon made by skilled and talented swordsmiths, these sword makers require extraordinary skills to make elegant and strong swords. The swords are made by several different methods with forging being one of the most popular methods used. Also, the swords are made by using different types of carbon steel with the most popular types being 1045 carbon steel and 1060 carbon steel. The number in the type refers to the carbon concentration, the higher the last two digits are the higher the content and the more brittle the metal.

1045 high carbon steel is one of the more popular types of steel used to make swords, it is very strong and flexible and highly unlikely to chip. The downside is that the blade does not hold as sharp of an edge as some of the other types of blades would. This sword makes the perfect beginner sword and metal for any sword owner.

1060 carbon steel is another very popular metal in the sword world with the carbon content slightly higher in this metal than in the 1045 metal. The blade is extremely strong and flexible and can also hold a slightly sharper edge. This type of sword will also make an amazing beginner sword.

Most of the swords and katanas made with carbon steel are made using the method of forging. Forging is when the metal is hand shaped into the shape that the sword is used in. This can be done by hammer and heat or by a machine press and is one of the most common ways of making these beautiful handmade swords.

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