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440 stainless steel blade
Anodize Construction
20 Gauge Polished Steel
440 Stainless Steel blade
Realistic and Authentic Look

Medieval Swords

During the middle Ages, the medieval swords had become the main weapon of choice for the Medieval Knights and the Crusaders. A medieval sword and also the Knights Warfare armor have seen many changes during the middle Ages. It had started as a sword that had a double edge and was a slashing sword. With the passage of time the medieval sword had evolved into a stronger sword that had a diamond-shape and could easily cut through everything with much ease. The respective medieval swords have several ranges and they ranged from the smallest Broadsword that used to measure around 30 inches to the Great swords that were much longer and used to measure up to almost 72 inches. Other than these there had been six different kinds of swords that had been discovered and were used in the medieval times. The medieval swords had been developed owing to the Roman Spatha that had been a long sword and not very effective against armor.

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Temple Knights Medieval Sword
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Late Middle Ages Hand And A Half Sword
Your Price $98.99
Modern Task Force Gladiator Sword
Your Price $14.79
Barbarian Father's Medieval Sword
Your Price $44.99
Great Roman Horatius Officer Gladius Sword
Your Price $66.99
Norsemen Raiding Viking Sword
Your Price $47.99
Poor Knights of Christ Sword
Your Price $44.99
Authentic Battle Ready Viking Longsword
Your Price $47.99
The Conqueror 1066 Norman Arming Sword
Your Price $89.99
Medieval War Arming Sword
Your Price $47.99
Death Medieval Sword
Your Price $18.99
Divine Roman Empire Historical Short Sword
Your Price $39.99
Knights of Templar Crusader Short Sword
Your Price $16.49
Black Bart Pirate Scimitar Sword
Your Price $10.99
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